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How was sea bass managed in the EU until now? What does the common approach consist of? What will be proposed under the third part of this package? Sea bass landings are increasing from year to year, what will the Commission do to tackle this? Why are recreational anglers covered by the measures, when the commercial sector catches the lion share of sea bass? What about the longer term? What happens in January 2016, during the next spawning season of sea bass? What is the potential economic impact of a further decline of seabass?
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Today the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament has voted on the multiannual Baltic Plan, a management plan adopted by the European Commission in 2014 which establishes targets and conservation reference points for stocks and promotes regionalised decision making for fisheries in the Baltic.

Calls for tender MARE/2008/10

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Studies for carrying out the Common Fisheries Policy (4 lots)


Deadline for submission of bids: 30/10/2008

Invitation to tender 

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Tendering specifications 

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Annex 1: Draft service contract 

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Annex 2: Tender forms 

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Annex 3: Questionnaire and checklist

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Communication to tenderers


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If additional information has to be distributed before the final date of submission of bids, it will be available on this web page.