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The Commission has adopted today two Delegated Regulations establishing discard plans for certain demersal fisheries in the Mediterranean and in the Black Sea. Discarding is the practice of returning unwanted catches to the sea, either dead or alive, either because they are too small, the fisherman has no quota, or because of certain catch composition rules.
First sales in Europe and focus on FRANCE (Norway lobster and European Seabass) and THE UNITED KINGDOM (Scallop and mackerel) | Icelandic fisheries: The EU is the main export market for Icelandic seafood. In 2015 Icelandic exports of seafood amounted to 454.553 tonnes and were worth EUR 1,57 billion. Of these, cod accounted for 38% of the total export value and 22% of the volume. | Consumption: fresh mackerel and fresh hake | Fuel prices increased 35% since the beginning of the year.
Is the system regulating waste disposal for ships working fine or should it be updated? Is it ok for fishing vessels and small recreational boats to be exempt from certain rules on waste disposal in port?

Call for proposals MARE/2014/19


Strengthening regional cooperation in the area of fisheries data collection


Deadline for submission of proposals: 15/01/2015 – 17h00 Brussels' Time

Call for proposals

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Budget form

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Draft grant agreement

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If additional information has to be distributed before the final date of submission of proposals, it will be available on this web page.