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The EU has today taken another step to protect sea bass stocks in Europe. The 28 EU member states agreed to the Commission's proposal to increase the minimum size for northern sea bass from 36 to 42 cm.
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The European Commission is organising a selection procedure to fill five administrator posts at AD8 level within the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE), in the fields of fisheries science and marine/maritime sciences. Deadline for applications: 31.07.2015.

Blue Growth: sustainable growth from the oceans, seas and coasts

Public consultation

In March 2012 the European Commission launched a public consultation to get direct input from stakeholders that would feed in the Communication to be adopted in September 2012. The extensive consultation (33 questions) was aimed at gathering the views of entities, individuals and key stakeholders that have an interest in and would like to shape EU actions vis-à-vis the marine and maritime sectors.

In order to provide a more comprehensive background to the initiative, the Commission also published the Third Interim Report of the on-going Blue Growth study “Scenarios and Drivers for Sustainable Growth from the Oceans, Seas and Coasts” pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] .

Contributions were submitted by using an online questionnaire.

The consultation was closed on 11 May 2012. 

Number of responses received to this consultation

66 replies in total were received, with over a third from national and regional government institutions from all around Europe and 14% from private business.

Results of consultation

Summary Report of the Online Public Consultation Results pdf - 88 KB [88 KB] .

Communication from the Commission: Blue Growth opportunities for marine and maritime sustainable growth (13.09.2012)