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EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella will present the Commission's proposals for fixing fishing opportunities for 2017 for the Atlantic, North Sea and Black Sea to the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on 12-13 December.
The European Commission's yearly proposal for the 2017 fishing opportunities has now been supplemented with additional figures on stocks, where ICES has provided scientific advice after the publication of the Commission's proposal.
The Commission today proposed fishing opportunities for the Black Sea for 2017.

Baltic salmon management plan

Public consultation

In 2009, the European Commission held a public consultation to get views from stakeholders on how to develop its new salmon management plan. The consultation document took stock of the current situation and highlighted different options. Citizens and other stakeholders were invited to contribute to this consultation – in particular those involved in salmon fisheries.

The consultation closed on 1 May 2009.


Status of wild Baltic populations varies between poor in the Gulf of Finland and southern Baltic and good in the Northern Baltic. Several factors, like fisheries in marine and freshwater and habitat modifications, impact stock status.

Baltic salmon was previously managed by the International Baltic Sea Fisheries Commission, which cease to exist in 1997. The IBSFC salmon action plan was however in operation until 2006. Currently, salmon is managed by the EU through marine TAC and quotas and closed seasons and, according to the former salmon action plan, Member States implement national measures in their rivers. Following expiry of the salmon action plan and termination of the IBSFC, the Commission gave a commitment to establish a new management plan for the Community.

The general objective of such a plan is to ensure sustainable commercial and recreational fisheries on healthy wild salmon stocks. There are a number of options to be envisaged for the development of a salmon management plan, depending mainly on the coverage of the plan (sea, rivers, or global coverage) and on the management tools.

View the consultation document pdf - 177 KB [177 KB]

Reference documents

Consultation meeting to support the development of a Baltic salmon management plan

As part of the consultation process supporting the development of a Baltic Sea salmon management plan, Member States and key stakeholders met in Brussels on 28 April 2009. The consultation meeting included a number of speeches directly linked to the development of a new plan and discussions on the main issues raised in the consultation paper. Below you find links to the final agenda and the presentations given at the meeting:

Number of responses received to this consultation


View the contributions

In the interests of transparency, organisations have been invited to provide the public with relevant information about themselves by registering in the Interest Representative Register and subscribing to its Code of Conduct. If the organisation is not registered, the submission is published separately from the registered organisations.

Contributions received

Results of consultation and next steps

Overview of the contributions received pdf - 40 KB [40 KB]

The outcome of this open consultation and of the Member States and stakeholder consultation meeting will feed into an impact assessment that will be conducted before the Commission drafts a proposal for a new plan.

Protection of personal data

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