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Organisation of the Legal Service

The teams
The Legal Service is organised in teams, each headed by a Director. Each team handles a specific set of subject areas and policies where it performs the Legal Service’s two roles of:

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The Legal Revisers Group
To perform its task of giving legal advice not only on the substance but also on the form of the instrument, the Legal Revisers Group examines the draft instrument in terms of the quality of the drafting and the legal form and it establishes legal concordance between the different language versions. There is a resulting value added in terms of the quality of legal instruments which sits well with the better regulation initiative, one of whose objectives is to make Community law more user-friendly.

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The codification Group
The Codification Group is responsible for coordinating work on codifying Community legislation. Codification contributes to the better regulation objective by combining a Community instrument and all its amending instruments in a single text. Community law is thereby rendered more accessible.

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The internal support groups
Like any other Directorate-General or similar department, the Legal Service has a number of general administrative units dealing with matters such as human resources, information and documentation, and IT.



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