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Access to EU case law

Numerical/chronological access

The web site of the Court of Justice of the European Union offers information on every case brought before the Court of Justice, the General Court or the Civil Service Tribunal between 1953 and the present day. Cases are listed by their case number and links are provided to the texts when those are available.

The EUR-Lex collection of case law contains a list of latest judgments, opinions and orders made available by the Court; the page also offers access to the complete collection by number or by year.

Database research

The Court’s case law search form gives access to the texts of judgments, opinions and orders of the Union Courts. The form also allows searching for information on pending cases and thus the progress of cases may be followed more easily. The search form includes a large number of fields enabling precise searching in case-law.

The EUR-Lex simple and advanced search options make it possible to search by reference to a large number of criteria for judgments of the judicature of the European Union, as well as for the opinions of the Advocates-General, as published in the European Court Reports or as provisional texts disseminated by the Court of Justice prior to such publication.

Press releases

The Court regularly issues press releases after important judgments.

The Commission will publish a press release on a Court judgment where it considers it appropriate.


Last updated on 30.05.2013

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