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Summaries of important judgments 2005-2011 - Thematic access

● Accession to the EU
Accession of a country to the EU and questions concerning enlargement
● Acts of Community law
Form of acts (regulation, directive, decision, opinion, recommendation), their effects (direct effect, binding nature), motivation and publication
● Agriculture
The common agricultural policy (CAP), the common organisation of markets (COM), the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF), animal feedingstuffs, plant health, veterinary and zootechnical questions, seeds and plants, agricultural structures, agri-monetary measures, biotechnology - art. 32-38 EC
● Audiovisual policy and the media
● Budget and financial provisions
Control of the Community budget, expenditure, the budgetary procedure, income, the own resources, the financial regulation, loans, fraud to the budget
● Citizenship
Articles 17 to 22 EC, in particular the right to vote and to stand for election, and the diplomatic and consular protection of EC nationals of any Member State in third countries
● Civil and commercial law
● Common foreign and security policy (CFSP)
Questions concerning the CFSP and common defence (second pillar) - art. 11-28 TEU
● Communities - general considerations
General aspects relating to Community law, e.g.: territorial application of the treaties, delimitation between treaties, competence of the Communities, rights and obligations of the Member States
● Competition
Competition rules applicable to companies, cartels/concerted practices, dominant positions, concentrations, national monopolies - art. 81-86 EC
● Consumer protection
Protection of consumers' health, safety and economic interests, consumers' information and education - Article 153 EC
● Development cooperation
The Community  policy relating to cooperation with the developing countries: various aid programmes(inter alia food and humanitarian aid), general preference system, European Development Fund (EDF), association with the ACP and OCTS countries - art. 177-188 EC
● Economic and monetary union
Economic and monetary policy, the euro - art. 98-124 EC
● Environment
Protection and management of air, water and sea, conservation of fauna and flora, waste management, regional planning, noise, control of pollution, industrial risks, biotechnology - art. 174-176 EC
● Euratom
the Euratom Treaty in its totality and the related questions: supplies, safety control, investments, health protection, property arrangement, nuclear energy
● External relations
Agreements with third countries, commercial policy (Article 131-134 EC), international organisations, external competences of the Community
● Free movement for workers
Free movement of workers from the EU and third countries on the territory of the Member States: the prohibition of any discrimination based on nationality regarding employment, remuneration and other working conditions, the migrants' Social Security - art. 39-42 EC
● Free movement of capital
The prohibition of restrictions on capital movements and on payments between the Member States and between the Member States and third countries - art. 56-60 EC
● Free movement of goods
The prohibition of quantitative restrictions on imports and on exports between Member States, measures having equivalent effect, disguised restrictions, arbitrary discrimination - art. 28-31 EC
● Free movement of persons
Freedom of movement, entry and stay of EU nationals in the Member States - Article 18 EC
● Fundamental rights
Concerns inter alia human dignity, protection of personal data, right of ownership, children's rights, human rights, freedom of association, freedom of expression, access to documents
● General principles of Community law
Concerns inter alia legitimate expectations, rights of defence (due processes), principle of non-discrimination, equal treatment, force majeure, proportionality, subsidiarity, principle of good administration, the principle of good faith, duty of care
● Institutional
EU institutions, bodies and agencies,  the European Council, intergovernmental conferences, inter-institutional relations, legislative procedures
● Intellectual property
Patents, royalties, trade marks, designs, geographical indications and designations of origin, biotechnology (protection of inventions)
● Justice and home affairs
Questions concerning visa, asylum, immigration, movement and entry and stay of third-country nationals - art. 61-69 EC (1st pillar)
Police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, criminality, terrorism, treating of human beings, crimes against children,  trafficking in drugs and weapons, corruption and fraud, Europol,  enhanced cooperation - art. 29-45 TEU (3rd pillar)
● Legal basis
Issues concerning the legal basis of  Community acts
● Monitoring the application of Community law
● Public contracts
Public works, supplies and services contracts (call for tenders, award of contracts)
● Public health
Improvement of public health, prevention of diseases and of causes of danger for human health - Article 152 EC
● Right of establishment and freedom to provide  services
Free movement of services, establishment of companies and of self-employed persons, recognition and equivalence of diplomas - art. 43-55 EC
● Social policy
Employment, unemployment, workers' rights, protection of workers, equality between the sexes, social security, actions against poverty, actions for the disabled - art. 125-130 EC and art. 136-145 EC
● Staff regulations
Statute and staff employed by the Communities (officials, servants, experts, freelance, consultants), recruitment, careers, termination of service, remuneration, social advantages, disciplinary measures
● State aid
Aid granted by Member States: compatibility or incompatibility with the Common Market, form of the aid - art. 87-89 EC
● Taxation
Direct and indirect taxes, tax discrimination, double taxation, tax exemptions for individuals, dues, parafiscal contributions or levies - art. 90-93 EC
● Transport
Transport by air, by sea, by rail, by road, by inland waterway and by combined transport, transport infrastructures, transport safety - art. 70-80 EC
● World Trade Organization (WTO)
All questions concerning the WTO: agreements on the trade of goods (inter alia the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade of 1994), agreements on services (GATS), Agreement on Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights  (TRIPS), settlement of disputes



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