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Corporate R&D: 2010 Conference

Seville (ES) - 03/03/10 - 04/03/10

2nd European Conference on Corporate R&D (CONCORD-2010)


The 2nd European Conference on Corporate R&D (CONCORD-2010), focussing on Corporate R&D – An engine for growth, a challenge for European policy, will be organised by the JRC's Institute for Prospective Studies (IPTS) and the Spanish Centre for Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) under the auspices of the Spanish Presidency of the EU.

The event aims to link science, business, and policy making by being structured around a series of policy relevant questions and thereby seeks to understand the policy implications of scientific findings. In particular, it will address the dynamics of corporate R&D, innovation, competitiveness and economic growth.

The main objectives of the conference are

  • To provide a platform for discussing corporate R&D (from analytical / research perspective) and the way stimulate spending on R&D by policy initiatives
  • To bring the community of researchers, policy analysts, policy makers and industry representatives together, share their specific knowledge on the subject and translate the individual insights into sound support to policy making
  • To provide relevant input and sound support to the European policy making and to outline blank spots for further investigation

The Conference will take place on March 3rd – 4th 2010 in Seville (Spain) with the first day being a forum for academics and practitioners and the second devoted to the policy dimension of corporate R&D, based on the most relevant policy outcomes of the first day debate.

The call for abstracts, open until 20 July 2009, is structured in three main strands:

  • Impact of R&D on firm productivity and market performance
  • Globalising economies & internationalisation of corporate R&D
  • The link between corporate R&D, innovation, and employment