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JRC Enlargement and Integration Action 2010

Workshops and Training Courses on Advanced Methods and Techniques

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Institute for Energy, Petten, the Netherlands
Area Workshop Title Link to Workshop description
Nuclear Energy GENIV Reactor Concepts and related Material Problems IE-W01
Numerical and Experimental Tools for Advanced Structural Integrity Assessments IE-W02
Energy and Transport Clean Coal and CCS Technologies IE-W03
Joint JRC-UNIDO/ICHET Summer School on PEM Fuel Cell Fundamentals, Theoretical and Laboratory Basics IE-W04
Policies and Financing for Energy Efficiency and the Role of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) IE-W05
The Southern Corridor and EU Energy Security IE-W06
Economics of Energy Security IE-W07
Energy Security and Climate Change IE-W08
Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Ispra, Italy
Area Workshop Title Link to Workshop description
Nuclear Waste Management and Environmental Impact EURDEP/AIRDOS IES-W01
Natural Resources Northern Circumpolar Soils Atlas IES-W04
Northern Circumpolar Soils: from the European to the Global Scale IES-W05
Border Harmonisation Workshop for the Soil Geographical Data of Turkey and the Caucasus IES-W06
Energy and Transport Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA): the Weight of Transport Contribution IES-W07
Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Ispra, Italy
Area Workshop Title Link to Workshop description
Life Sciences and Biotechnology Cyclotron Research and Radio-Labelled Nanoparticles IHCP-W01
Protein Surface Interactions IHCP-W02
EU Wines Databank and Related Network of Official Enforcement Laboratories IHCP-W03
Environment and Health Health and Environment IHCP-W04
Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, Ispra, Italy
Area Workshop Title Link to Workshop description
Competitiveness and Innovation Statistical Analysis in Macroeconomics Modelling IPSC-W01
Science Communication for Public Debate IPSC-W02
Agriculture and Rural Development Control Methods for the CAP – Kick off of CwRS Campaign IPSC-W03
Land Parcel Identification System IPSC-W04
Farm Advisory Service under the CAP IPSC-W05
2010 Cross Compliance Workshop GAEC Implementation IPSC-W06
2010 Geocap Annual Conference IPSC-W07
Using and Extending the BioMA Platform for Biophysical Modelling Related to Agriculture IPSC-W08
An Introduction to FLR for Quantitative Fisheries Analysis IPSC-W09
Internal Security International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS) 2010 IPSC-W10
Nuclear Security Technical Issues in Harmonization of EC Dual Use Regulation Implementation IPSC-W11
Training Course on Nuclear/Radioactive Border Security for Front Line Officers and Train the Trainers IPSC-W12
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Seville, Spain
Area Workshop Title Link to Workshop description
Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries GM Crops IPTS-W01
Area-Based Development (ABD) Approach and its Potential Application to Rural Development Programming in Potential and Candidate Countries IPTS-W02
Agricultural Commodity Market Development in Europe IPTS-W03
Non Tariff Measures in EU-African Agro-Food Trade IPTS-W04
European Research Area Foresight Training Workshop for Policy Makers IPTS-W05
Internationalisation of R&D and Policy Outcomes at Governmental and Institutional Level IPTS-W06
Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Geel, Belgium
Area Workshop Title Link to Workshop description
Reference Measurements Training of Trainers for Knowledge Transfer Regarding Metrological Aspects of ISO-17025 IRMM-W01
Nuclear Waste Management and Environmental Impact Theory of Prompt Fission Neutron Emission in Fission IRMM-W02
Nuclear Measurements, Evaluations and Applications – NEMEA-6 IRMM-W03
Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe, Germany
Area Workshop Title Link to Workshop description
Nuclear Waste Management and Environmental Impact 40ièmes Journees des Actinides ITU-W01
Advances in Nuclear Materials Science ITU-W02
Nuclear Science Training Course with NUCLEONICA ITU-W03
3rd Advanced Training Course on Illicit Trafficking and Radiological Consequences with NUCLEONICA ITU-W04