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Press releases: Archive 2009

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  • What are the amounts of greenhouse gases released in your area and what are the sources? Check with the new JRC visualisation tool 16/12/09 Read more
  • JRC method to detect chocolate fraud becomes an international standard 04/12/09 Read more
  • EU energy efficiency measures contribute to stabilise electricity consumption – drop in domestic use 30/11/09 Read more
  • Global warming could cost Europe up to €65 billion a year 25/11/09 Read more
  • Agreement to host Maltese students at the Joint Research Centre 20/11/09 Read more
  • Social Computing goes mainstream: 41% of EU Internet users connected to Web 2.0 19/11/09 Read more
  • Corporate R&D investment in 2008: a global increase with EU companies leading US and Japan 16/11/09 Read more
  • Strategic Partnership signed between the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 28/10/09 Read more
  • How is Europe doing in clean technologies? Visit the new Commission's online assessment system 07/10/09 Read more
  • € 3.3 billion invested in Europe in R&D on low carbon technologies 07/10/09 Read more
  • Geological disposal: technically ripe for implementation 01/10/09 Read more
  • Strong limitations of index insurances for agriculture in the EU 30/09/09 Read more
  • Solar modules production world-wide almost doubled in 2008 21/09/09 Read more
  • EU and East Africa: land monitoring collaboration to support food security and natural resources management 07/09/09 Read more
  • Growing number of genetically modified crops worldwide could disrupt international trade 03/09/09 Read more
  • Forest fire damage in 2009 already higher than in 2008 10/08/09 Read more
  • European Forest Fire Information System: current situation in Europe 24/07/09 Read more
  • Contaminated sunflower oil: testing labs measure up 13/07/09 Read more
  • New JRC study on Liquefied Natural Gas: advantages and drawbacks 07/07/09 Read more
  • JRC report on fossil fuel electricity generation in the EU: modernisation needed to meet policy targets 01/07/09 Read more
  • Commissioner Potočnik visits Serbia: towards full integration into the European Research Area 29/06/09 Read more
  • A bright future for renewable electricity generation: if investment in grid and innovation is sustained 29/06/09 Read more
  • Greenhouse gas emissions growing faster since 2000: new data on worldwide emissions 1970-2005 25/05/09 Read more
  • Detecting melamine in food: world's labs are ready and able 08/05/09 Read more
  • International scientific agreement on validation of alternatives to animal testing 27/04/09 Read more
  • Half a century of European research at Lake Maggiore
    JRC Open Day 2009 - Saturday, 16 May 2009 - Ispra (Italy)
    20/04/09 Read more
  • I giovani talenti scientifici più creativi d'Italia 03/04/09 Read more
  • Illicit trafficking of nuclear materials. New forensic analysis released on Germany's 1940's nuclear programme 19/03/09 Read more
  • Greening buses and trucks! Commission's research centre opens new CO2 emissions testing laboratory. 13/03/09 Read more
  • EU - Republic of Korea: new scientific collaboration agreement signed 02/03/09 Read more
  • European Commission's scientists re-launch desertification research 16/02/09 Read more
  • Life beneath our feet: research on biodiversity in our soils 15/02/09 Read more
  • European Commission researchers' pattern-recognition programme adopted by U.S. services 15/02/09 Read more
  • JRC report assesses soil degradation in Europe and identifies opportunities for soil-friendly farming 14/02/09 Read more
  • Global costs of climate-change policies will amount to €175 billion in 2020, new JRC report says 13/02/09 Read more
  • Positive assessment given by independent review panel led by Sir David King of European Commission's Joint Research Centre 15/01/09 Read more