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Press releases: Archive 2008

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  • Urbanisation: New World Bank and JRC map shows that 95% of the world's population lives on 10% of the land 17/12/08 Read more
  • New European Commission Report shows 60% increase in solar panel production in 2007 11/12/08 Read more
  • The Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart: A milestone in tracking the new elements since 1958 09/12/08 Read more
  • ICT sector is the biggest contributor to business R&D in Europe but still lags behind the US, new JRC report says 25/11/08 Read more
  • EU Code of Conduct paves way for significant energy savings in Data Centres across Europe 19/11/08 Read more
  • The JRC and Bulgaria emphasise a proven track record in joint research initiatives 18/11/08 Read more
  • Animal Testing: Launch of a new website to inform about the development of alternative methods 11/11/08 Read more
  • JRC and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) sign new Co-operation Agreement 10/11/08 Read more
  • European companies outpace American counterparts in R&D investment growth for the first time in five years 15/10/08 Read more
  • Europe needs to intensify actions to adapt to climate change impacts 29/09/08 Read more
  • EU scientific study gauges current approaches to addressing potential health effects from genetically modified food and animal feed 10/09/08 Read more
  • Annual crop yield forecast: European Commission foresees above average cereals harvest for 2008 07/08/08 Read more
  • Renewable energy in Europe: achieving our goals with a little help from the Mediterranean sun 21/07/08 Read more
  • Nuclear Forensics: European Commission scientists reveal their role in fight against illicit trafficking of radioactive material 21/07/08 Read more
  • Nanotechnology: European Commission scientists reveal promises and risks for our health 20/07/08 Read more
  • JRC produces the first large-scale study on the agronomic and economic performance of a genetically modified crop cultivated in the EU 24/06/08 Read more
  • ALF-X opens a New Era for Tele-Robotic Surgery 04/06/08 Read more
  • Research in support of policies: the Joint Research Centre and Slovenia 26/05/08 Read more
  • European Chemicals Bureau hands over to new Chemicals Agency in Helsinki 29/04/08 Read more
  • The JRC launches the Impact Assessment tools "IA TOOLS" website to the public 23/04/08 Read more
  • European Commission's Joint Research Centre strengthens collaboration with Croatia 10/04/08 Read more
  • Reducing biodiversity loss: a new European Commission tool will help protect Africa's wildlife 27/03/08 Read more
  • EUMETSAT and JRC agree to cooperate on monitoring climate change 27/03/08 Read more
  • Common standards to improve competitiveness of construction industry 19/02/08 Read more
  • Leading soil scientists showcase new Digital Soil Mapping technologies to help fight land degradation and hunger 16/02/08 Read more
  • Satellites for Sustainable Development in Africa: new perspectives from space 15/02/08 Read more
  • European Commission makes computer-assisted translation easier and more accessible 18/01/08 Read more