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METIER – METhods of Interdisciplinary Environmental Research© Esa Oksman

Brussels (BE) - 04/11/09 - 06/11/09

METIER Final conference


The METIER final conference, co-organised by the JRC and the Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER), was held 4-6 November in Brussels. The event was attended by 89 young scientists and 30 lecturers from all over the world discussing their latest research results on how to tackle the complex challenges of climate change, water availability, biodiversity and sustainable land use. One of the main purposes of the event was to provide training in entering into dialogue with practitioners and policy makers, getting to know their needs and how to respond to them.

The conference included a master lecture by Chief Scientific Adviser to the Irish Government Patrick Cunningham on: "Four Challenges or one? Population, Food, Energy, Climate". Professor Manfred Grasserbauer from the University of Vienna, former Director of the JRC Institute for Environment and Sustainability, opened the discussion on climate with his speech on "Climate Change: What we know and what we guess".

This final conference concluded a four year series of training courses on interdisciplinary skills for young environmental researchers.


Day 1

Presentations by training course organisers 
Career opportunities 
Participant presentations (data management/geovisualisation/modelling/forecasting)

Day 2

Opening Session / Cunningham Lecture
Tandem Lecture Climate 
Tandem Lectures Water / Biodiversity 
Tandem Lecture Land Use 
Working Group Climate & Water (MEP Eickhout)

Day 3

Working Group Climate & Land Use (MEP Prodi) 
Working Group Climate & Biodiversity (Mrs Zaunberger) 
Conclusions / Craglia Lecture


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