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The JRC participated in the drafting of the ENVIFOOD protocol which gives information on the environmental impact of food and drink.

The JRC participated in the drafting of the ENVIFOOD protocol which gives information on the environmental impact of food and drink.© Michael and Christa Richert, Stock Xchng, 2013

Facilitating consumer choice for greener products


A new protocol has been launched today that will help environment-conscious consumers to make informed choices about their food and drink. The ENVIFOOD Protocol launched by the European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Round Table, provides specific guidance for assessing the environmental impact of food, feed and drink products throughout their full lifecycles. Assessments made using the ENVIFOOD Protocol are scientifically reliable, consistent and easy to understand, and avoid the risk of misleading information. The protocol is of high strategic relevance to business and European policy, from an economic and environmental performance standpoint.

The ENVIFOOD Protocol was developed over four years by the European Commission and more than 20 European organisations from across the food chain, which all participated on an equal footing. It was developed and drafted by a JRC co-chaired working group, through a comprehensive series of workshops, consultations, and pilot tests.

The methodology of the protocol builds on both global (ISO) and EU (such as the JRC-developed Product Environmental Footprint – PEF) approaches, and is the first ever harmonised framework for the environmental assessment of European food and drink products.It also takes the global SCP agenda into account, including initiatives of other European and global organisations such as the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the European Environment Agency (EEA). Pilot tests of the first ever EU PEF on food, feed and drink products will be carried out this year, based on the ENVIFOOD Protocol.

The European Food SCP Round Table aims to establish the European food chain as a major contributor towards sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in Europe. Aside from producing the ENVIFOOD Protocol, the Round Table has also identified tools for communicating environmental performance, and mapped environmental challenges and good practices along the food chain. Its activities will strengthen the long-term competitiveness of the European food chain and support EU policy objectives.


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