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Two scientists working in a JRC lab

GMO detection in the JRC biotechnology laboratory© EU, 2011

10th Anniversary of the European Network of GMO laboratories


From 3 to 5 December, the European Network of GMO Laboratories (ENGL) meets at the JRC Ispra site to discuss emerging issues related to GMO analysis but also celebrate its official 10th Anniversary.

ENGL consists of more than 100 national enforcement laboratories representing all 27 EU Member States plus Norway and Switzerland. ENGL's mandate, as defined by Regulation 1829/2003, is to assist the JRC-hosted European Reference Laboratory (EURL) in scientific and technical issues related to GMO analysis.

Bringing together the leading GMO test laboratories of the EU and beyond, ENGL also represented a model for setting up similar networks on GMO detection worldwide. Criteria developed and published by ENGL are used by the EURL for GMOs for method validation – a basic component, together with the risk assessment performed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), of the European Commission GMO-authorisation process. During the ceremony, awards will be offered to ENGL members supporting the initiation of the network already in 1999 and providing important contributions to its excellence.

Group photo

The ENGL network in Ispra at its 18th meeting© EU, 2012




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