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EC Report highlights the potential of Personalised Medicine


Today, the Commission publishes a report that takes stock of the progress made in personalised medicine, and the opportunities and challenges it presents for healthcare systems. The report focuses on: 1) the potential for, and issues with, the use of '-omics'* technologies in personalised medicine, and the related EU research funding, 2) recent developments in EU legislation for placing medicinal products and devices on the market, and 3) factors affecting the uptake of personalised medicine in health care systems. The report concludes that personalised medicine has the potential to offer new treatment opportunities for the benefit of patients, including better targeted treatment, avoiding medical errors and reducing adverse reactions to medicines. It also recognises the challenges (e.g. in research) to its successful incorporation into healthcare systems. To read the full report:

(*"'-omics' technologies" refers to a broad discipline in science and engineering for analysing the interactions of biological information objects in various 'omes' that include the genome, proteome, metabolome, transcriptome etc.)