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"Towards a low carbon energy"

Paris (FR) - 28/10/08

Towards a low carbon energy


The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) received a huge boost via the high level conference and exhibition "Towards a low carbon energy" which, for the first time ever, brought together the most important players in European research and innovation in the various fields of energy technology. The event aimed aimed at getting these European players, including politicians, economists, industrial players and researchers, to work together on building a common strategy to achieve the objectives of the energy/climate package.

During the conference, the European Energy Research Alliance has been officially launched. This Alliance is being set up to bring research organizations involved in R&D on energy together. It should help overcome the problem of fragmented research programs on the subject within Europe. It aims to develop sustained integrated research while preserving the individuality of each participant

In addition to the research Alliance SETIS, the SET Plan information system which is run by the JRC Institute for Energy (IE) was also one of the key areas presented at the Conference.