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Italian schoolchildren meet JRC staff during their

Italian schoolchildren meet JRC staff during their "Schools Day" visit to the Ispra site

Ispra (IT) - 23/05/08

JRC Promotes Science in Schools


Over 1,100 children from 25 Italian schools visited the JRC-Ispra site on Friday 23 May. Our young guests were aged between 9 and 18 years and each of their schools was given the opportunity to choose the laboratories, installations and presentations they wanted to see.

The JRC actively promotes science in schools and endeavours to increase its transparency in local communities. The "Schools Day" is a key part of this effort. The serious working atmosphere of the Ispra research facilities was exchanged today for one of joviality and youthful curiosity as children were guided from biometrics to solar energy, from genetically modified organisms to nanobiotechnology, from pollution to soil and forest conservation and to biodiversity in Africa – to name but a few of the scientific topics that were visited. Feedback collected from our guests has been extremely positive.