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JRC support to Maritime Policy

There is no Community Maritime Policy as such; instead, maritime matters are embedded in many of the Community policies.
Consequently, JRC research on maritime matters is embedded in different policy themes under various actions.

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No more fish to capture in 2048?
JRC scientists comment on study published in Science magazine

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EU Maritime policy

EU Maritime policy website
Press Release 02/05/2007: "Europe to take another step towards a new EU maritime policy in Bremen"
Press Release 12/06/2007: "Commission welcomes Council decisions strengthening shift to long-term fisheries management"
Green paper "Towards a future Maritime Policy for the Union": A European vision for the oceans and seas"


Water police picture

Air and sea patrol by the Italian police.© Commission Audiovisual Library
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Fish control picture

Inspectors control the size of the fish© Commission Audiovisual Library
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Vessel trafic services picture

Spain: vessel traffic services (maritime traffic service, coordinating rescue operations, maritime pollution control)© Commission Audiovisual Library
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Coast guard ship picture

Coast Guards and Official Fisheries Inspectors set out to control fishing vessels in the North Sea Coast Guard vessel « Barend Biesheuvel »© Commission Audiovisual Library
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