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Putting science into standards: eco-innovation

Putting science into standards: eco-innovation© EU, 2013

Brussels (BE) - 24/04/13 - 25/04/13

Round table European Forum for Science and Industry "Putting Science into Standards: the example of Eco-Innovation" Bringing Together the Scientific, Business and Standardisation Communities


The round table "Putting Science into Standards: the example of Eco-Innovation" is a pilot event setting up a forum that will facilitate the screening of emerging science and technology and then identify areas which should be introduced early into the process of standardisation in order to enable innovation.

The European Commission Communication to Council and Parliament and associated Regulation on a "Strategy for European Standardisation" (the "Standardisation Package") notes that science has a crucial role to play in the field of standardisation. The Standardisation Package also states clearly that "the speed of the process must be urgently improved if we want European standards to play a global role".

Europe therefore needs a forum that will facilitate the link between research and standardisation. Whenever something interesting emerges from scientific communities this forum will pull it into the standardisation process in order to support, very early in the innovation chain, the competitiveness of industry. By so doing the European standardisation system will be effectively "sped up".

The challenge for the EU is therefore to create an environment where regular communication can occur between science and standards. This event, jointly convened by the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO), European Standards Organisations (ESO), and the European Commission including the Joint Research Centre (JRC) as the scientific arm of the European Commission as well as Directorate General Enterprise and Industry (ENTR) as the industrial and standardisation policy arm of the European Commission, seeks to fulfil this objective.


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Download the Agenda (Latest version: 21/03/2013)

[+] Practical Information

Date of conference: 

Wednesday 24th April 2013
Venue: Lord Jenkins, Charlemagne Building, Ground Floor, 170 rue de la Loi, B-1049 Brussels 


Thursday 25th  April 2013
Venue: CEN-CENELEC Avenue Marnix 17, B-1050 Brussels

How to reach the venue?

European Commission Charlemagne - 24th April 2013

Photo of the TAD installation in Setubal, Portugal

Berlaymont Venue Map ©2011 Google - Map Data ©2011 Google

  • By Metro: Metro Station "Schuman" Line 1 or 5 – exit indicating "Berlaymont and Charlemagne"
  • From the airport: Bus No.12 - Direction "Brussels City”, get off at Bus Stop "Rond-point Schuman".
  • Train: Take the train towards Brussels, get off at "Central Station", then take the metro, line 1 or 5, get off at "Schuman" - exit indicating "Berlaymont and Charlemagne" For more information on timetables and transport please check:

Access to the building: For security reasons access to Charlemagne building will be controlled. Please bring your passport or identity card.

Welcome/Registration Desk: The Welcome desk will be open on 24th  April 2013 from 13h00 to 18h30. The registration desk is located at entrance of the building.

CEN-CENELEC – 25th April 2013

Avenue Marnix 17

  • By Metro: Metro Station Troon

Welcome/Registration Desk: The Welcome desk will be open on 25th  April 2013 from 08h00 to 18h30. The registration desk is located on the 4th floor of the building.


Fees: There are no registration fees for this conference but you are required to register. 

Travel and hotel accommodation: Participants must make their own arrangements for travel and hotel accommodation. The European Commission will not reimburse these expenses.

Information on accommodation in Brussels can be found on one of the following websites:

Lunch: On 24th, 25th April, the European Commission invites all participants to a working lunch at the venue.