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Brussels (BE) - 31/01/13

Energy Security workshop: Cost of supply and evolution of geopolitical relationships


The Joint Research Centre's (JRC) Institute for Prospective Technological Studies organized in Brussels on 31 January 2013 a workshop on the security of international energy supply for Europe.

The workshop benefitted from a strong line-up, gathering internationally recognized experts along with officials from various services of the European Commission. The discussions covered the economic aspects, the related geopolitical implications as well as expected evolution of the situation and how it connects with other policies (including climate policies). It also reviewed analytical needs for policy-makers and recent expertise on quantitative modeling. Finally, the workshop provided an excellent occasion to take stock of how security of energy supply is regarded in other regions of the world.

The Europe Commission is actually strengthening its capacity to address the evolution of international energy markets and to assess the corresponding challenges for Europe in terms of cost and (geo)political implications through different initiatives. This area of expertise is a useful complement to the on-going EU efforts to set sound energy policies, as underlined by the recent Energy Efficiency Directive or the assessment of the energy system decarbonisation done in the Energy 2050 Roadmap in line with the EU 2020 objectives.

For more information, please contact:

  • Alban Kitous: Alban-Gabriel.KITOUS[at]
  • Juan Carlos Ciscar: Juan-Carlos.CISCAR[at]


Centre Albert Borschette, 36, rue Froissart, Salle AB-2C, Brussels

Programme and speakers


Workshop president: Antonio Soria, Joint Research Centre's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies. Head of Economics of Climate Change, Energy and Transport Unit (ECCET).

  • Session 1 – Perceptions and expectations from European policy making
  • 1.1 EU energy security: context, current approach and future consideration
    J.A. Vinois, DG Energy – Internal energy market (no presentation available)
  • 1.2 Interaction between climate and energy policies
    Tom van Ierland, DG Climate Action
  • Session 5 - Non-EU perspectives
  • 5.1 North America
    Thomas Cutler, DOE (USA)
  • 5.2 Asia
    Janet Xuanli Liao, CEPMLP – Dundee (UK)


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