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E&IA Activities

In the frame of E&I A the JRC offers specialised workshops, conferences and advanced training courses, with a focus on experts from the new Member State, Candidate Countries, Potential Candidate Countries, Horizon 2020 Associated Countries, European Neighbourhood Policy partner Countries and Russia.

As in previous years, a series of workshops are planned in specialised areas for Scientific & Technical support to EU policies, which correspond to well-established JRC core competencies. The main objective of these workshops will be to assist the competent organisations with the scientific and technical methods and techniques underpinning EU policy implementation, to learn about the methods currently available in the present or potential candidates of the EU and discuss future implementation.

The workshops and other activities currently foreseen in 2014 for each JRC Institute can be consulted by clicking the respective Institute link below and then for further detail on a specific workshop's Reference. Updates during the year are possible. Some 2013 E&IA workshops did not take place yet and it is still possible to apply and participate (*).

Should you want to apply to participate in a workshop, or simply want to know more, please write to using the Reference in the subject! Applications must be made by sending your detailed CV and expression of your motivation.

Scientific Policy and Stakeholder relations, Brussels, Belgium
Workshop Title Reference & description Date & duration Place
Danube Innovation Partnership – Summer School 2014-HQ-A-01 Summer 2014, 10 days tbd
Danube Innovation Partnership Workshops 2014-HQ-A-02 May & Oct 2014, 2 days Vienna, Austria
Round table EFSI 2014-HQ-A-03 tbc, 2 days Brussels, Belgium
Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Ispra, Italy
Workshop Title Reference & description Date & duration Place
Enlarging the European Alien Species Information Network 2014-IES-A-01 26-27 May 2014, 2 days Ispra (Italy)
Managing Nitrogen and Phosphorus loads to water bodies: characterization and solutions 2014-IES-A-02 14-15 July 2014, 2 days Ispra (Italy)
From polluting human activities to emission gridmaps using the Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR) 2014-IES-A-03 5-6 May 2014, 1,5 days Ispra (Italy)
FAS Workshop 2014 2014-IES-A-04 Jun 2014, 2 days tbc
Area and features measurement Workshop 2014-IES-A-05 Sep 2014, 2 days tbc
Biophysical Models Application platform training course 2014-IES-A-06 May 2014, 2 days Kiev (Ukraine)
20th Annual GeoCAP Conference 2014-IES-A-07 Nov 2014, 2 days tbc
Kick-off of Development and Control Methods Campaign 2014 2014-IES-A-08 Apr 2014, 2 days Ispra (Italy)
GAEC Workshop 2014 2014-IES-A-09 Sep 2014, 2 days tbc
LPIS workshop 2014 2014-IES-A-10 Sep 2014, 2 days tbc
EUROMED Crop Monitoring Workshop 2014 2014-IES-A-11 Aug or Sep 2014, 3 days tbc
Danube Soil Degradation Summer School 2014-IES-A-12 Aug or Sep 2014, 5 days Slovakia/Hungary
Development of new harmonised soil database for the Danube Basin 2014-IES-A-13 May 2014, 2 days Vienna/Budapest
New soil databases for North Africa and the Sahara 2014-IES-A-14 Sep 2014, 2 days Brussels/ Tunisia/ Algeria
Danube Reference Data and Services Infrastructure 2014-IES-A-15 Oct 2014, 1 day tbc
INSPIRE Implementation in the Danube Region 2014-IES-A-16 29–30 Apr 2014 Zagreb
Institute for Energy and Transport, Petten, the Netherlands
Workshop Title Reference & description Date & duration Place
Nuclear HR Development in the EU (potential) Candidate Countries 2014-IET-A-01 Sep/Oct 2014, 2 days Ljubljana/Trieste
Innovative Multimedia Tools for Education and Training for the Nuclear Sector 2014-IET-A-02 5–6 June 2014, 2 days Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Workshop on "Development of Polices and Financing of Energy Efficiency Measures in Buildings at National and on Local Level" 2014-IET-A-03 24-25/06/2014, 1 days tbc
Harmonization and standardization of experimental and numerical tools for the characterization of materials and components 2014-IET-A-04 Nov/Dec 2014, 2 days Petten
Workshop on physics based modeling of material properties and experimental observations
Special Focus - Plasticity and creep at different length scales
2014-IET-A-05 May 2014, 2.5 days Turkey
Workshop on bioenergy in Ukraine 2014-IET-A-06 End Oct 2014, 3 days Kiev
Costs, benefits and impact assessment of smart grids for Europe and beyond 2014-IET-A-07 23-25/04/2014, 3 days Antalya
Training on methods for the implementation of the EC Regulation 994/2010 on Security of Gas Supply 2014-IET-A-08 09-10/10/2014, 2 days Dubrovnik
The Future Role of Energy Storage in South Eastern Europe 2014-IET-A-09 End Jun 2014, N/A SEE or Vienna
Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Ispra, Italy
Workshop Title Reference & description Date & duration Place
Migration testing in support of Regulation (EC) No 10/2011 for plastic food contact materials 2014-IHCP-A-01 Oct 2014, 3 days Ispra
Monitoring and evaluating the health risks from air pollution in buildings including emissions from building materials and consumer products 2014-IHCP-A-02 Mid Oct 2014, 4 days Ispra
The ageing European consumer – how to prepare? 2014-IHCP-A-03 24-26 Sep 2014, 3 days Split
International Workshop on Harmonisation of GMO Detection and Analysis 2014-IHCP-A-04 Q3 2014, 2 days tbc
Nanotechnology based sensors and detection methods 2014-IHCP-A-05 Beginning Dec 2014, 2 days Ispra
Workshop on health and safety research with radiotracers and radiolabelled nanoparticles 2014-IHCP-A-06 End Nov 2014, 2 days Ispra
Workshop on Regulatory Testing of Nanomaterials: Stakeholders feed-back on interim output from NANoREG 2014-IHCP-A-07 Dec 2014, 2 days Central Europe
Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, Ispra, Italy
Workshop Title Reference & description Date & duration Place
Implementation and Use of the Eurocodes in the Candidate and Potential Countries of the EU in the Balkan region 2014-IPSC-A-01 Nov 2014, 2 days Candidate Countries
Radio Spectrum Workshop – Mastering Radio Spectrum for the Digital Age 2014-IPSC-A-03 May 2014, 7 days Ispra
International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS) 2014 2014-IPSC-A-04 Aug 2014, N/A tbc
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Sevilla, Spain
Workshop Title Reference & description Date & duration Place
Medium-Term Market Outlook for EU Candidate and selected Neighbourhood Countries 2014-IPTS-A-01 Nov 2014, 2 days Zagreb/Brussels
Harvesting the Arab Spring: economic growth and improved food security in the Euro-Med area through trade integration 2014-IPTS-A-02 Jun 2014, 1 days tbc
The Eurasian wheat belt: future perspectives on regional and international food security 2014-IPTS-A-03 24-26 March, 3 days Moscow
Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Geel, Belgium
Workshop Title Reference & description Date & duration Place
Implementing the technical requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 in the laboratory 2014-IRMM-A-01 N/A, 3 days tbc
Applications of gamma-ray spectrometry 2014-IRMM-A-02 Sep/Oct 2014, 7 days tbd
Theory-3 2014-IRMM-A-03 Oct/Nov 2014, 3 days tbd
Analysis of food and feed contaminants – The legal and the scientific framework behind including method validation and measurement uncertainty 2014-IRMM-A-04 S2 2014, 2 days Croatia
Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe, Germany
Workshop Title Reference & description Date & duration Place
GEODISPOSAL 2014 2014-ITU-A-01 24-26 Jun 2014, 3 days Manchester
10th School on the Physics and Chemistry of the Actinides (SPCA) 2014-ITU-A-02 22-25 Apr 2014, 4 days Kibbuz Ein Gedi
Training on core capabilities in nuclear forensics 2014-ITU-A-03 Apr 2014, 5 days Karlsruhe
Workshop on advanced nuclear forensic analytical and interpretational methodologies 2014-ITU-A-04 Sep 2014, 3 days tbc
Training on nuclear detection for enhanced border security 2014-ITU-A-05 Oct 2014, 5 days Karlsruhe
20 years of European Radiological Data Exchange Platform 2014-ITU-A-06 between 16-28 Jun 2014, 7 days Ispra
5th Technical Issues and sharing of Best practices on Dual-Use export control workshop 2014-ITU-A-07 Nov 2014, 3 days tbd
Indoor Radon workshop 2014-ITU-A-08 between 13-31 Oct 2014, 3 days Ispra
Training course on the REM Database Submission Tool 2014-ITU-A-09 between 26 May & 6 Jun 2014, 2 days Ispra
4th Technical Issues and sharing of Best practices on Dual-Use export control 2013-ITU-A-02 (*) New date: 11-12 March 2014, 2 days Ispra, Italy

(*) These workshops are from 2013.