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JRC & end-of-waste: supporting recycling of iron, steel and aluminium scrap


Pile of scrap metal

Scrap metal is a valuable raw material© Hazel Bregazzi (stock.xchng)

The Joint Research Centre has contributed to the first end-of-waste Regulation that was recently adopted. The JRC prepared the technical criteria that determine when a material recovered from waste ceases to be waste and can be dealt with as other products or raw materials. This first Regulation covers iron, steel and aluminium scrap, allowing these materials to be reprocessed into secondary raw materials or new products. It aims to stimulate European recycling markets by creating legal certainty, removing unnecessary administrative burdens and by releasing safe and clean secondary raw materials.

The Waste Framework Directive (2008) gave the European Commission a mandate to set up end-of-waste criteria for certain materials recovered from waste.



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