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JRC Summer School on Actinide Science


Participants at the 5th Actinides Summer School at ITU

Participants at the 5th Actinides Summer School at ITU

The 5th Summer School on Actinide Science and Applications is currently underway at the JRC Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU) in Karlsruhe. JRC-ITU hosts the Summer School at its laboratories every two years, allowing young researchers from all over the world to benefit from lectures, scientific laboratory visits and demonstrations.

The 2009 Summer School is held from 16-19 June and is co-sponsored by the ACTINET European network of excellence for actinide sciences. The Summer School is aimed at students and young researchers who have an interest in basic actinide chemistry, physics and material science. Fifteen lectures, featuring experts from various international organisations as well as JRC-ITU, will address the following four topics: basic actinide science, the nuclear fuel cycle, reactor fuel under irradiation and aspects of actinides in the environment.



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