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Food and feed safety and quality research at JRC

Assuring the highest standards of safety in the food chain is a key priority for the European Commission and the JRC. The JRC actions in this area are in line with the "Fork to Farm" concept which takes into account consumers' demands and their feedback right along the food chain and support focuses on the validation of food analysis methods and harmonised procedures for a broad range of food and feed types. To this end, it runs a number of Community Reference Laboratories.

The JRC is also continuously reinforcing its ability to deal with food and feed crises by its expertise in food and feed analysis and by entering new areas where needed, while co-operating closely with the European Food Safety Authority.

Specific activities cover:

  • validation of molecular biology and hyphenated techniques for food and feed control e.g. in the area of allergens, functional and organic food;
  • areas related to food and health where future legislation is expected (e.g. micro-biology, functional and organic food, allergens, health claims in labelling);
  • areas related to feed safety for existing legislation (e.g. feed additive authorisations);
  • micro-biology for food and feed, validation of bio-molecular detection methods for micro-organisms, in particular for pathogens in food and water;
  • validation of analytical methods for the detection of banned substances, of contaminants, feed additives and animal proteins, compliance with labelling Directives and for designation of origin (e.g. isotopic methods);
  • electronic traceability along the feed-food chain.


Details of scientific actions in this area:

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