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Energy Systems Technology Modelling

Institute for Energy

Action: 13111

Acronym: SYSTEM


The first core activity of the SYSTEM Action is to study the current and future prospects of low carbon energy supply and demand technologies and their impacts and interactions within the future EU energy system as they advance from concept to commercial applications. To do so, it focuses on developing and using analytical tools and models produced in-house and/or commercially available for techno-economic energy technology evaluation and assessment of their associated impacts on the key EU Energy policy drivers. In parallel, efforts are undertaken to develop competence to investigate the necessary transition of energy infrastructures and its requirement in terms of planning for shifting from today's energy system to a more sustainable European energy system.

SYSTEM outcomes strongly feed into the Technology Mapping function of the Information System of the SET-Plan (SETIS), which aims at providing sound and robust information and knowledge on low carbon technologies to the SET-Plan Steering Group for decision making.

The second core activity of the SYSTEM Action is to facilitate the collection, disseminate and render accessible information on energy technologies that is produced by SETIS to all interested stakeholders, especially, the European institutions, the EU Member States and relevant international organisations (e.g. IEA). To do so, the Action develops and operates energy technology related databases and runs the web portal infrastructure of SETIS.

The SYSTEM Action collaborates with other JRC Actions, with other services of the Commission, and with its developed network of experts in international associations and organisations in the Member States. The Action interacts strongly with European and international research capacities on energy technology modelling and databanks. The Action contracts also external experts to obtain specialised information, whenever that is deemed necessary.

Building upon the JRC leadership of SETIS, the Action pursues the value-added integration with all the relevant JRC Actions within the priority 'Energy and Transport'. Strong links are established with JRC-IE ASSETS (13102) for techno-economic assessment of key low carbon technologies, JRC-IPTS ETTEA (13108) for energy modelling and the development of scenarios for the evolution of the European energy system, and JRC-IE BIOF (13105), REEE (13107) and FENCAB (13101) for the assessment of renewable technologies and resources as well as energy efficiency in end-use sectors. Moreover, the Action contributes to the JRC Biofuels Thematic Programme. The outcome of such synergies is expected to be common development of energy related databases and models as well as joint scenarios and assessments.