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Nuclear Traceability and Sealing Systems

Institute for the Protection and the Security of the Citizen

Action: 53101

Acronym: NuTraSeal


Under the institutional budget, JRC provides support to DG TREN - I and IAEA in the form of R&D, prototype equipment, training, calibration and services. It assists them also for Vulnerability Assessment and tests on in-house products as well as commercially available or specially developed equipment in safeguards applications.

The specific tasks are agreed with the customer in the framework of the JRC-DG TREN co-operation agreement and in the framework of the EC Support Programme (SP-1) with the IAEA.

This action groups the tasks that are related to development and deployment of sealing and identification equipment, and tasks related with environmental and electromagnetic testing of safeguard equipment in accredited laboratories.

One line of development is to further rationalise the ultrasonic sealing concept and apply it to new applications. DG TREN has requested to develop systems for medium and long term dry storage containers which entails new design of seals and reading heads. IAEA has requested ultrasonic underwater bolt seals for the Cernavoda CANDU spent fuel storage, in Rumania.

IAEA/ESO are also investigating a more widespread use of this technology in safeguards. In particular, a request to demonstrate the feasibility of a management system based on RFID techniques for confidential/security documents. Also upgrade of existing safeguards equipment is under study.