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MOnitoring Natural resources for DEvelopment Co-operation

Institute for environment and sustainability

Action: 42001

Acronym: MONDE


This Action is completely embedded to the JRC's Thematic Programme EU/AU Strategic Partnership. More specifically, the MONDE Action will establish dedicated monitoring techniques for promoting the sustainable management of natural resources in ACP countries. Particular attention will be paid to land cover and land use dynamics, fresh water availability (in dry areas), land degradation and desertification (in collaboration with DESERT), forest resources (deforestation, illegal logging), threats to biodiversity (in protected areas and in specific ecosystems) and the urban ecological footprint. Tools combining satellite data, advanced geospatial analysis and socio-economic models will be shared with Commission services and ACP countries in charge of sustainable management of natural resources and environmental protection.

Country and region specific environmental diagnostics will be produced, as well as reports for the Multilateral Environmental International Agreements (UN-FCCC, UN-CCD, CBD) and contributions to international organisations (UNEP, FAO). The scope of the Action is ACP countries, with a special focus on Africa. It will constitute a major element of the ACP Observatory for Sustainable Development and is a precursor of a future GMES-Africa.