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Plasmore: products and services in the field of molecular recognition

PLASMORE: a new JRC spin-off


Created in spring 2009 by a former JRC scientist, Plasmore is a spin-off company and a product of research at the JRC and the University of Pavia, Italy.

The new company is to use molecular recognition technology patented by JRC's nano-biosciences laboratories at the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP) and the University of Pavia. The technology will be used to develop a fully portable multiplexing (multi-message signal) label-free biosensor. The target market for such a product includes medical applications of Point-of Care (POC) technologies (fast blood analysis, early diagnosis of diseases, etc.), security, drug screening and basic research in proteomics and genomics.

Plasmore's founders benefited from the support of JRC’s Intellectual Property team throughout the realisation of their business plan, having participated in the JRC annual entrepreneurship training course in 2008 and won an Innovation Grant (IPC 2008) to further develop the innovative technology and a business concept.

After Lisalab and Osvision, Plasmore is the third spin-off company created by former JRC scientists.