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fire map of Sardinia

Sardinia: EFFIS information on hot spots and burnt areas on 27/07/2009

European Forest Fire Information System: current situation in Europe


The forest fire situation in Europe is constantly monitored by the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), a system established by the JRC's Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) and the European Commission's Directorate General for Environment.

EFFIS provides updated and reliable information on wildland fires in Europe supporting forest fire-fighting services in EU countries, the Commission's Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC), based in Brussels, and other organisations in the field.

The extreme fire danger conditions experienced in Southern Europe during the last few days have decreased after the week end; all major fires are now under control. Though not being extreme, the fire danger and alert level are still very high in most areas. Significant fire activity still reported this morning in Southern Corse, Southern Italy and Greece. During the next days fire danger will remain very high in most of the Southern European country.

Fires are being monitored and their evolution mapped by EFFIS. Maps and key data on individual fire size, location and fire danger level can be consulted at

In addition the JRC recently implemented a new EFFIS application that provides detailed information on the situation of serious fires across Europe to the MIC, using local information on the areas in question such as populations at risk, nearby villages or towns, road networks and hospitals. The application allows the comparison of status of several simultaneous fires in Europe and supports MIC decision-making, for example when dispatching reserve fire-fighting aircraft.