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JRC Newsletter: monthly updates on latest news

JRC Newsletter: monthly updates on latest news

June issue of the JRC Newsletter


The June edition of the JRC Newsletter has been published and can be downloaded here. It features an editorial by Prof. Bas Kok, President of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association, on the increasing convergence between actors in the field of geospatial references. This month's issue also contains news on the results of a study on indoor air quality, a new tool to improve post harvest losses estimates and on the findings of a study on soil friendly farming.

The purpose of the JRC Newsletter is to provide customers, stakeholders and staff, along with anyone interested in who we are and what we do, with a selection of recent highlights of JRC science and technology, support to European policy making, contributions to scientific events and other news of interest. To receive regular email alerts about new issues of the newsletter, you can subscribe to JRC's electronic mailing lists.




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