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JRC-Ispra: A 50 Year Pictorial History

JRC-Ispra: a 50 year pictorial history


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the JRC Ispra site, a brochure on the site's evolution through the decades has been produced.

Since the beginning of the JRC there has been a wealth of publications describing the wide-ranging scope of research carried out at the Ispra site. However, none have illustrated how the JRC has transformed over the past five decades in such a “pittoresque” way as this brochure does.

The brochure takes the reader back to 1959 when the Italian nuclear authorities passed the site on to the JRC and shows how the Ispra site has been evolving from then to the present day. Starting out as a nuclear research centre, the site soon became home to other scientific disciplines, all of them with the aim of improving the well-being of the European citizen, covering for instance research in areas of the environment and sustainability, natural and man-made hazards, health and consumer protection issues and many others.