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Brussels (BE) - 15/10/13

JRC Conference: Scientific governance: excellence and impact


The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, organised a conference on the theme " Scientific governance: excellence and impact" on 15 October 2013

Excellent science is one of the key priorities of Horizon 2020 research programme. To generate more impact of excellence, science cannot be done in isolation; it has to be developed in multidisciplinary environment linked to the real economic world. The key to maximising impact from excellent science is to put in place stimulating science governance.

European policymakers and stakeholders are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of scientific governance for underpinning growth in Europe. Scientific governance aims to ensure that research contributes to:

  • Enhancing the European knowledge base
  • Developing solutions to global problems and challenges
  • Boosting economic development and creating new products and services
  • Contributing to social development, growing and sustaining employment
  • Underpinning policies with solid scientific basis and evidence

Scientific support can contribute to developing appropriate strategies, mechanisms and incentives needed to generate excellence and impact enhancing environment. All actors have to be mobilised and stronger links between research and business have to be created, specifically involving the European SMEs.

The objective of the conference was to achieve a wider understanding of how to create impact from excellent research. The participants looked at best practices how to yield more impact from excellence and how to maximise its clear added value. The event explored the effect of research in terms of economic impact (including technical via standardisation), policy impact and societal impact (including international dimension).

The conference facilitated wider acknowledgement of the need to create a fruitful environment for optimising value of research activities for the society.

The conference is expected to influence further promotion of excellence in research, innovation and education.


Download the Agenda in PDF (Latest version: 11/10/2013)


Opening session


Session I – Creating impact from excellent research


Session II – Optimising value of research activities for the society


Session III – International dimension