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Brussels (BE) - 04/12/12

Monitoring corporate R&D and innovation


The JRC is organising a workshop on 4 December in Brussels on the monitoring and analysis of industrial research and innovation. Representatives from a group of leading global and European corporations, Member States and EU institutions will take part. The workshop will focus on two key issues in the research and innovation area: high-growth innovative companies in Europe and how to increase their number, which factors are critical to attract R&D investments in Europe.

During this workshop 8 years worth of results on financial data on enterprises investing in research will be discussed. Analysing patterns and trends in corporate R&D and innovation and how their relation to competiveness is critical to support evidence-based policy at European level and accelerate innovation.

Attendance is by invitation only.

For more information on the project activities we invite you to visit the Economics of Industrial Research & Innovation (IRI) website