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European Researchers' Night 2009

European Researchers' Night 2009

various cities (EU) - 25/09/09

European Researchers' Night 2009


Tonight (25 September) is European Researchers' Night, organised in cities throughout Europe for the fourth year running with the support of the European Commission. Many research centres and universities will reveal the fun side of their scientific work to the public with live scientific experiments, demonstrations and games.

The JRC is participating in this festival of science in the city of Turin, presenting its work on topics related to climate change and food safety.

JRC scientists will show the visitors how they can help combat climate change by raising their awareness of their daily contributions to greenhouse gas emission (their 'carbon footprint') through the JRC-developed MobGAS application for mobile phones. The application challenges its users to adapt their lifestyle to reduce these emissions.

In Turin, as with all major cities, vehicle emissions contribute significantly to air pollution. The JRC will be also demonstrating its mobile emissions measuring equipment which, in an instant, can tell motorists how much and what kind of pollution (CO, NOx, SOx, CO2, particulate matter…) their vehicles are producing.

The JRC will also be showing how the presence of cocoa butter in chocolate can be measured in order to dissuade the illegal use of substitutes that have, unfortunately, been appearing in Europe's chocolate in recent times.