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Climate change is likely to increase the frequency and impact of natural disasters© Angela Jeu

Brussels (BE) - 25/11/09 - 26/11/09

Third Civil Protection Forum - towards a more resilient society


At the third Civil Protection Forum, held in Brussels from 25 - 26 November, more than 500 civil protection experts have gathered to explore how EU countries can develop their resilience to disasters. Climate change is likely to increase the frequency and impact of natural disasters, and Europe has to be prepared for this challenge. The Forum has started a debate on a comprehensive European disaster management strategy to enhance resilience.

At the event, the JRC has presented its activities in this field, such as the European Flood Alert System (EFAS) and the European Forest Fires Information System (EFFIS), as well as the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS). All these tools aim to increase European and global coordination for disaster management by using cutting-edge forecasting applications.

The European Commission supports and supplements disaster prevention at national, regional and local levels and runs the Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC) which acts as a hub for the response phase of the Community Mechanism for Civil Protection. The MIC is closely supported by the JRC's Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC).