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€40 million for new EU research on resource efficiency


The European Commission has approved funding for 14 new research projects to shape a more resource-efficient economy in Europe. The projects, which involve the collaboration of over 140 partners from research organisations and private companies, will tackle the challenges of recycling waste materials from manufactured products and the agricultural sector to improve the quality of the environment and save money. Each project addresses a key issue such reusing discarded automobile tyres, recovering key elements from batteries, producing green fertiliser from animal waste, and generating renewable clean energy from food and plant waste. The €40 million funds are included in the 2013 Environment call of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) and will involve partners from 19 European countries. The kick-off for these projects will take place next Tuesday and Wednesday in Brussels (5-6 November), where the project coordinators will meet the European Commission to set the priorities and coordinate the work ahead.