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The JRC acts as EU Reference Laboratory for GMOs

The JRC acts as EU Reference Laboratory for GMOs© EU, 2010

JRC develops a testing strategy for unapproved variety of GM-wheat


Following the announcement by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that an unapproved variety of genetically modified, herbicide resistant wheat was found in a field in Oregon, the JRC, as European Union Reference Laboratory for GMOs, was requested to work out an efficient control system.

A detection method has been made available by MONSANTO, who developed the GM-wheat concerned (MON 71800), but its necessary verification will take time. Therefore the JRC, together with the European Network of GMO Laboratories, has developed a testing strategy that allows the confirmation of the absence of this wheat in grain deliveries of wheat-containing products. It is based upon the combination of validated methods that EU control laboratories already use in their control procedures and that thus can be immediately deployed.

This method is available since 13 June at: .