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The GreenLight programme encourages energy-efficient lighting technologies

GreenLight Awards: 9 winners save the electricity of 1200 households


Nine EU-based companies have today been recognised for their energy-saving efforts, thanks to the installation of energy-efficient lighting technologies. The winners of the 2013 GreenLight Awards have achieved yearly electricity savings equal to the total consumption of around 1200 households (3 568,5 MWh - on average, a household consumes 3MWh/year).

The winners include the international brewer AB Inbev (Belgium), which, by renovating its production facilities, achieved average energy savings of 73% in its lighting. The French fast food chain Quick, which refurbished 52 of its restaurants in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, achieved energy savings of 991 MWh/year, a 69% drop in lighting energy consumption. Brussels Airlines upgraded a maintenance hangar, reducing consumption by 68%.

The majority of energy saving was due to introduction of the new T5 efficient fluorescent lighting (which replaces conventional magnetic ballasts with electronic ballasts), occupancy and daylight sensors and LED technologies. Most of the projects pay for themselves in less than 5 years, showing that investments in energy efficiency are very cost-effective.


JRC Director General Dominique Ristori and Director of IET, Giovanni De Santi with the GreenLight Award winners 2013.

JRC Director General Dominique Ristori and Director of IET, Giovanni De Santi with the GreenLight Award winners 2013.© EU, 2013



Organisation Country Type of building Effective energy savings (per year) in lighting Reduction of consumption
AB Inbev Belgium 5 production facilities 664 MWh/year 73% average
(94% in one hall)
France Quick SAS France 52 restaurants 991 MWh/year 69%
Brussels Airlines NV Belgium Aircraft maintenance hangar, Brussels airport 570 MWh/year 68%
Bayer Hispania, S.L. Spain 2 buildings 728 MWh/year 72%
Vinci Park France Car park in Ivry sur Seine 250 MWh/year 61%
N.V. Mathieu Gijbels Belgium Two Industrial facilities 228 MWh/year 75%
Banque de France France Office building 68 MWh/year 78%
ABN AMRO The Netherlands Office building 63 MWh/year 48%
WinTO GmbH Germany Office building 6.5 MWh/year 68%