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Successful candidates will work in the JRC laboratories© EU, 2012

JRC vacancies: EU competitions for technicians in the research sector


An EU competition for assistants in the research sector has been launched today.

Registrations can be done via the EPSO website until 22 January 2013 (12:00 CET).

Most of the posts available will be for the JRC Institutes, located in five different countries: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain or the Netherlands. In the nuclear research field, some of the posts will be allocated to Luxembourg (DG Energy).

In particular, the competition is targeted at laboratory technicians in these areas:

  • Biology, life and health sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and material science
  • Nuclear research

And to technicians in the following fields:

  • Civil and mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering and electronics

Candidates must have a post-secondary education or a secondary education plus at least three years of professional experience, of which two years are relevant to the field chosen.

Successful candidates will be placed on a reserve list and called for interview according to the needs of the services. If employed, they will become EU civil servants in the field of research (AST grade).

All the specific requirements can be found in the competition notice.