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photo from the award ceremony

IBM Europe representatives during the award ceremony© EU, 2012

Data centres award 2012: IBM and Google among the winners


Six companies have been awarded the 2012 European code of conduct for data centres prize for the innovative technologies adopted to improve the energy efficiency. They are: IBM (27 data centres in 15 countries), Google (data centre in St. Ghislain, Belgium), the Datacenter Group (Amsterdam), R-iX, Intermax, and Hoogendoorn IT Services (Spaanse Kubus in Rotterdam) and Migration Solutions Ltd (Norwich, UK).

They are part of the 57 participants that have joined the JRC's code of conduct for data centres, which aims to limit the growing energy consumption of this sector (predicted to reach 100 TWh in the year 2020) through energy efficiency measures. This year's winners have in particular reduced the need for mechanical cooling of the data centre and have raised the indoor temperature. These are among the most important measures to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The European code of conduct for data centres was launched in 2008 and is a voluntary initiative managed by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, which sets ambitious standards for the participants. The initiative identifies and focuses on key issues and agreed solutions, as described in the best practices document, which focus on design in areas such as software, IT architecture and infrastructure. In addition to the 57 participants,163 "endorsers" (vendors, consultants, industry associations) are promoting the code of conduct to their clients.

List of Winners

Corporate Level Participant:

  1. 1. IBM Europe, with 27 data centres in 15 Member States

Data Centre level Participant:

  1. 1. Google, for the data centre in St. Ghislain, Belgium
  2. 2. The Datacenter Group, for the data centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  3. 3. R-iX, Intermax, and Hoogendoorn IT Services, for the data centre Spaanse Kubus in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  4. 4. Migration Solutions Ltd - for the data centre Sentry42 in Norwich, UK


  1. 1. BL International Consultant, France