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Screenshot of the the INSPIRE website

Example of the INSPIRE Geoportal highlighting the riverside areas in the West of the UK© EU 2012

INSPIRE Geoportal – First version released


The JRC has released the first version of the INSPIRE Geoportal, which allows users to access spatial and environmental data from many different sources across Europe in one single search. The fact that different actors will now have access to the same information is particularly useful in dealing with emergencies that involve many different actors, such as large forest fires or cross border rescue operations, and will efficiently support collaborative efforts to prevent environmental damage and compare and reduce energy consumption across different sectors and countries.

The information available through the Geoportal is linked to geographical areas, and can often be displayed in map format. The metadata (for instance, description of the purpose for which the data was obtained or the conditions governing its use and access) is available in multiple languages. This allows users to find out if the data or service they require exists and whether the information they have found is suitable for their requirements and is available for use.

INSPIRE is based on the infrastructures for spatial information established and operated by the 27 Member States of the European Union. Fifteen EU countries have already provided more than 200,000 searchable records. It is regulated by the Directive 2007/2/EC establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community, which specifies 34 spatial themes needed to assist in environmental policy making.