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The EEMODS conference looks at energy efficiency in motor-driven systems© Photocase

Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems


The JRC's Institute for Energy and Transport co-organised an international conference, Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems (EEMODS 2011) in Alexandria (Virginia, USA) on 12-14 September. The conference dealt with energy efficiency in electric motor systems, which can result in significant energy savings in industrial applications.

The conference was hosted by the US Association of Electrical and Medical Imaging Equipment Manufacturer (NEMA), with scientific and technical support by the JRC, and was chaired by representatives of both organisations.

EEMODS 2011 provided a forum to discuss and debate the latest developments in the impacts of electrical motor systems on energy and the environment. Particular attention was dedicated to energy management, defining system efficiency, standards harmonization, public policy, and system efficiency incentives.

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