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Toxicology testing at ECVAM

Toxicology testing at ECVAM© EU (2010), source: JRC

Animal welfare: improved stakeholder dialogue on alternatives to animal testing


The protection of animals used in scientific procedures such as safety testing of chemicals or cosmetics is of great concern to European citizens. Taking up this concern, the European Commission has launched several regulations that underline the European Union's commitment to improve animal welfare (e.g. Cosmetics Directive, REACH chemicals legislation) by promoting the use of alternatives to animal testing. A strong and continuous dialogue with key stakeholders in this area is recognised as pivotal for progress.

The Joint Research Centre, through its "European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods" (ECVAM), is currently setting up a stakeholder forum dedicated to all issues surrounding alternative methods to animal testing.

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European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM)

The ECVAM Stakeholder Forum (ESTAF) will strengthen and structure dialogue with ECVAM's non-governmental stakeholders, allow the representation of specific interests and enable ECVAM to harvest the expertise and opinion of stakeholders for purposes of priority setting.

An open call for expressions of interest to participate in ESTAF has been launched. The first meeting of the ESTAF is foreseen for early 2011 and organisations wishing to participate are requested to submit their expression of interests by 15 January 2011.

All relevant information can be found on the following web pages: