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The JRC adopts open access policy for scientific articles from January 2014


As of January 2014, the European Commission allows unrestricted access to research results under Horizon 2020, the new EU funding programme to boost research and innovation.

In accordance with this new open access policy for scientific publications, JRC articles in peer-reviewed publications where JRC staff members are first or corresponding author will be freely and publicly available, making the majority of JRC scientific results accessible online. Providing other researchers, innovative industries and citizens access to the JRC's research results is important, as this will lead to better and more efficient science and improved transparency for citizens and society.

From 2010 onwards, many JRC scientific research results, such as science & policy, technical and reference reports, books and some scientific articles, were already publicly available in PUBSY, the JRC's Publications Management System. Opening access to all scientific articles is one more step in broadening the JRC's Open Access policy. JRC researchers are now expected to publish any new peer-reviewed research paper in journals that are compliant with the updated policy.

Routes to open access

The JRC supports two routes to open access. Gold Access is when the journal publisher provides, immediate and unrestricted access to the final published version of the paper, and allows immediate deposit of the article in other repositories. Green access is when the publisher agrees to make the peer-reviewed manuscript available within a defined embargo period; in line with the Horizon 2020 requirement, the JRC accepts an embargo period no longer than six to twelve months.




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