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JRC Newsletter: latest research results and news on policy support activities

November 2012 issue of the JRC newsletter


The latest edition of the JRC Newsletter has been published and can be downloaded here.

This issue features an editorial by Eleni Mavrou, Cypriot Minister of Interior, in charge of the research portfolio. The cover story provides an insight in JRC’s financial analysis and economic modelling in support of Commission’s initiatives to stabilise the European financial system.

Among the news are stories on new prospects for alternative test methods, solar panels meeting 2% of EU electricity needs, online database on Europe’s alien species and the first certified reference material to monitor leukaemia. Further reading provides details on JRC’s new role in co-ordinating Europe’s cancer registries, a pan-European exercise simulating cyber attack and an analysis of the impact of media and content digitisation on our society.

The newsletter also includes briefs on monitoring SME performance across the continent, measuring radioactivity in soil, setting a standard for inorganic arsenic in animal feed and monitoring railway accidents to improve safety.

The purpose of the JRC Newsletter is to provide customers, stakeholders and staff, along with anyone interested in who we are and what we do, with a selection of recent highlights of JRC science and technology, support to European policy making, contributions to scientific events and other news of interest. To receive regular email alerts about new issues of the newsletter, you can send a simple message.




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