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photo from a maize field

The maize crop is projected to be lower than average.© stock.xchng (Patrick Hajzler, OeilDeNuit)

Latest bulletin on crop yields just published


The latest MARS bulletin which provides updated information on crop monitoring in Europe shows that summer crops are affected by drought in South and East Europe.

The high temperatures and lack of rain from mid-July to mid-August are expected to lead to a lower than average forecast for the summer crops maize and sunflower in Italy, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

The bulletin covers the period from 21 July until 20 August and provides yield estimates for the main crops throughout the European Union and identifies the areas most affected by stress conditions.

The MARS (Monitoring Agricultural Resources) yield forecasts are based on an integrated use of statistical analysis, crop growth simulation models, observed climatic data and remote sensing observations.

The MARS bulletins are published regularly during the European growing season and the next updated report is expected on 24 September.

The August Bulletin of 2012 (VOL 20 - No 8) is available via the MARS website here.