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12.2011 Postdienste Study on intra-community cross-border parcel delivery (FTI Consulting - December 2011)
  Postdienste Study on Appropriate Methodologies to Better Measure Consumer Preferences for Postal Services (Rand EUROPE 2011)
11.2011 Abschlussprüfung Study on the effects of the implementation of the "acquis" on statutory audits of annual and consolidated accounts including the consequences on the audit market
10.2011 Wertpapiere Feasibility Study for a pan-European storage system for information disclosed by issuers of securities
06.2011 Wertpapiere Effects of possible changes to the Market Abuse Directive PDF
05.2011 Finanzdienstleistungen Monitoring prices, costs and volumes of trading and post-trading services PDF
03.2011 Versicherungswesen EIOPA Report on the fifth Quantitative Impact Study (QIS5) PDF
  Gewerbliches Eigentum Study on the quality of the patent system in Europe PDF
02.2011 Gewerbliches Eigentum Study on the Overall Functioning of the European Trade Mark System


11.2010 Der freie Kapitalverkehr

„Analysis of development in the field of direct investment and M&A“ – 2010 – von London Economics

11.2010 Postdienste

Hauptentwicklungen im Postsektor (2008–2010) (Copenhagen Economics: November 2010)

11.2010 Postdienste Study on the External Dimension of the EU Postal Acquis PDF
10.2010 Postdienste Studie zur internationalen Dimension des EU Acquis im Postsektor (WIK-Consult / Jim Campbell) PDF
10.2010 Der freie Kapitalverkehr „Review of the transitional restrictions maintained by Bulgaria and Romania with regard to the acquisition of agricultural real estate“ – 2010 – von CEPS PDF
09.2010 Finanzdienstleistungen für Privatkunden Study on the Costs and Benefits of Potential Changes to Distribution Rules for Insurance Investment Products and other Non-MIFID Packaged Retail Investment Products PDF
  Finanzdienstleistungen für Privatkunden Study on interest rate restrictions in the EU PDF
08.2010 Schutz der Rechte Study report on rapid information exchange on counterfeiting and piracy PDF
07.2010 Finanzdienstleistungen für Privatkunden Study on the Costs and Benefits of Policy Actions in the Field of ensuring access to a Basic Bank Account PDF
04.2010 Schutz der Rechte Study on Online Copyright Enforcement and Data Protection in Selected Member States (Netherlands, Poland, UK)  PDF
04.2010 Bankwesen Study on the feasibility of reducing obstacles to the transfer of assets within a cross border banking group during a financial crisis
04.2010 Schutz der Rechte Studie über Datenschutz und die Durchsetzung des Urheberrechts im Internet in ausgewählten Mitgliedstaatenpdf, Hunton & Williams, Brüssel


12.2009 Gesellschaftsrecht Study on the operation and the impacts of the Statute for a European Company
  Gesellschaftsrecht Study on the Application of the Anti- Money Laundering Directive PDF
  Services Directive Study on business practices applying different condition of access based on the nationality or the place of residence of service recipients PDF
  Finanzdienstleistungen Cross-sectoral study on terminology as defined in the EU financial services legislation PDF
11.2009 Versicherungswesen Retail Insurance Market Study PDF
  Finanzdienstleistungen für Privatkunden Study on the costs and benefits of different policy options for mortgage credit
  Schutz der Rechte Study on Online Copyright Enforcement and Data Protection in Selected Member States  PDF
09.2009 Bankwesen
Studie über die Umsetzung der Eigenkapitalrichtlinie (Richtlinie 2006/48/EG und Richtlinie 2006/49/EG PDF

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09.2009 Gesellschaftsrecht Study on Monitoring and Enforcement practices in Corporate Governance in the Member States
09.2009 Postdienste Die Rolle der Regulierungsbehörden im zunehmend wettbewerbsorientierten Postmarkt (WIK-Consult GmbH: September 2009)
08.2009 Postdienste Die Entwicklung des Europäischen Postmarktes seit 1997 (ITA Consulting GmbH and WIK Consult GmbH: August 2009)
07.2009 Abschlussprüfung

Study on the Evaluation of the differences between International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and the standards of the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)

06.2009 Abschlussprüfung

Study on the costs and benefits of an adoption of the ISAs in the EU

06.2009 Investmentfonds

Bericht über die Verbrauchertests zu den Transparenzanforderungen bei OGAW

05.2009 Gesellschaftsrecht Europäische Stiftung

03.2009 Finanzdienstleistungen Evaluation of the economic impact of the FSAP PDF
01.2009 Finanzdienstleistungen für Privatkunden Study on credit intermediaries in the internal market PDF


12.2008 Gesellschaftsrecht Feasibility Study on a European Foundation Statute
10.2008 Investmentfonds The retailisation of non-harmonised investment funds in the European Union PDF
09.2008 Finanzdienstleistungen für Privatkunden Study on the role and regulation of non-credit institutions in EU mortgage markets PDF
09.2008 Postdienste Hauptentwicklungen im Postsektor (2006–2008) (Ecorys: September 2008) PDF
06.2008 Wertpapiere Study on the Impact of the Prospectus Regime on EU Financial Markets PDF


07.2007 Investmentfonds

Study on “investment funds in the European Union: comparative analysis of use of investment powers, investment outcomes and related risk features in both UCITS and non-harmonised markets”



10.2006 Investmentfonds

Current trends in the European Asset Management Industry

09.2006 Investmentfonds

Potential cost savings in a fully integrated European investment fund market


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