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Our mission

The DG’s mission is to develop and maintain a dynamic and open European single market that enables citizens to meet the challenges of globalisation. We aim to provide a regulatory environment that enhances competitiveness, stimulates innovation, and promotes financial stability. We also aim to improve the range and quality of products and services available at competitive prices throughout the Single Market in order to deliver higher living standards, better job opportunities, and a prosperous economic future for all citizens.

In this context, the Internal Market and Services Directorate-general is directly responsible for proposing and – once laws are adopted by the European Parliament and Council – controlling the implementing of a European legal framework in the following specific areas: regulated professions, services, company law and corporate governance, public procurement, intellectual and industrial property and postal services’ In the area of financial services, it aims at establishing the legal framework for the integration of the Union’s capital markets and the creation of a single market for financial services.

The first role of the Directorate-general is therefore to bring forward proposals for legislation aiming to remove barriers, thus simplifying life for consumers and for busi­nes­ses, stimulating competition, reducing prices and widening choice. This involves not only making it easier for goods and services to circulate, but also making it easier for EU citizens to work and to live in other EU countries.

The second responsibility of the Directorate-General is to ensure that the opportunities offered by the Single Market are fully exploited. It does so by controlling the full and timely respect of Community law in co-operation with the Member States and by moni­tor­ing closely how EU law is being applied in practice.

The third task for the Directorate-general is to inform citizens and businesses about the rights they have within the Single Market and of the benefits available to them.

More details on our mission, activities and priorities can be found in the DG Internal Market and Services’ Management Plan for 2014pdf(716 KB) Choose translations of the previous link .