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Our departments

Office of the Director General:

Director General: Jonathan FAULL

Principal Adviser: Elemer TERTAK

Assistants: Esther SCHMIDT, Felicia STANESCU

Internal Audit Capability: Stefan SAPUNDZHIEV

Deputy Directors General

Deputy Director General for Dir B, C, D, E: Pierre DELSAUX

Unit 01: Single Market Policy, Relations with the Council

Head of unit: Henrik MORCH

Deputy: Amaryllis VERHOEVEN

Deputy Director General for Dir F, G, H: Olivier GUERSENT

Unit 02: Financial Services Policy, Relations with the Council

Head of unit: Almorò RUBIN DE CERVIN (Acting & Deputy)

Deputy: Almorò RUBIN DE CERVIN

Related site: Financial Services

Task force for the establishment of the Single Resolution Board

Head of the task force: Olivier SALLES

Directorate A – Resources and Communication

Director: Pamela BRUMTER-CORET

Adviser: Tony DEMPSEY

Unit A1: Human Resources and Planning

Head of unit: Florence FRANCOIS-PONCET

Unit A2: Financial Resources and Internal Control

Head of unit: Nathalie STEFANOWICZ

Unit A3: Information Technology, Document Management and Security

Head of unit: Eric DERRUINE

Unit A4: Internal and External Communication

Head of unit: Henning ARP

Deputy: Sarah LYNCH

Directorate B – Governance of the Single Market

Director: Kristin SCHREIBER


Unit B1: Single Market Service Centre

Head of unit: Marian GRUBBEN

Deputy: Crispin WAYMOUTH

Unit B2: Analysis, impact and evaluation

Head of unit: Kamil KILJANSKI


Unit B3: Application of single market law and European Parliament

Head of unit: Alvidas STANCIKAS


Unit B4: International affairs

Head of unit: Laurence DE RICHEMONT

Related site: The external dimension

Directorate C – Public Procurement

Director: Joaquim NUNES DE ALMEIDA

Related site: Public Procurement

Unit C1: International Dimension of public procurement

Head of unit: Jean-Yves MUYLLE

Deputy: Gauthier PIERENS

Unit C2: Public Procurement Legislation I

Head of unit: Joanna SZYCHOWSKA


Unit C3: Public Procurement Legislation II

Head of unit: Panayotis STAMATOPOULOS

Deputy: Paola ZANETTI

Unit C4: Economic analysis and e-procurement

Head of unit: Nikita STAMPA

Directorate D – Intellectual Property

Director: Kerstin JORNA


Unit D1: Copyright

Head of unit: Maria MARTIN-PRAT

Deputy: Marco GIORELLO

Unit D2: Industrial Property

Head of unit: François ARBAULT

Deputy: Michael KOENIG

Related site: Industrial Property

Unit D3: Fight against counterfeiting and piracy

Head of unit: Jean BERGEVIN

Directorate E – Services

Director: Claire BURY


Unit E1: Business-to-consumer services

Head of unit: Jürgen TIEDJE

Deputy: Henning EHRENSTEIN

Related sites: Directive on services  

Unit E2: Business-to-business services

Head of unit: Maria REHBINDER

Unit E3: On-line and Postal services

Head of unit: Werner STENGG

Deputy: Hermanus TEMMINK

Unit E4: Free movement of professionals

Head of unit: Martin FROHN

Deputy: Konstantinos TOMARAS

Directorate F – Capital and Companies

Director:  Ugo BASSI


Unit F1: Free movement of Capital

Head of unit: Stefaan DE RYNCK

Deputy: Despina VASSILIADOU

Related site: Free movement of capital

Unit F2: Corporate governance, social responsibility

Head of unit: Jeroen HOOIJER

Deputy: Anne-Francois MELOT

Unit F3: Accounting and financial reporting

Head of unit: Didier MILLEROT

Unit F4: Audit and Credit Rating Agencies

Head of unit: Nathalie BERGER

Related site: Auditing, Rating agencies

Directorate G – Financial Markets

Director: Martin Merlin


Unit G1: Analysis of Financial Market Issues

Head of unit: Miguel DE LA MANO

Related site: Economic Analysis

Unit G2: Financial Markets Infrastructure

Head of unit: Patrick PEARSON

Deputy: Jennifer ROBERTSON

Unit G3: Securities Markets

Head of unit: Maria Teresa FABREGAS FERNANDEZ

Deputy: Philip TOD

Related site: Securities

Unit G4: Asset Management

Head of unit: Tilman LUEDER

Deputy: Ulf LINDER

Related site: Investment Funds

Directorate H – Financial institutions

Director: Mario NAVA


Unit H1: Banks and Financial conglomerates I

Head of unit: Niall BOHAN

Deputy: Dominique THIENPONT

Unit H2: Banks and Financial Conglomerates II

Head of Unit: Alain DECKERS

Deputy: Martin ŠPOLC

Unit H3: Retail financial services and consumer policy

Head of unit: Erik NOOTEBOOM

Deputy: Philippe PELLE

Unit H4: Financial stability

Head of unit: Sabino FORNIES MARTINEZ (Acting & Deputy)


Unit H5: Insurance and pensions

Head of unit: Klaus WIEDNER

Deputy: Stephen RYAN