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Calls for tender (Archives 2013)

Please note that since 1 May 2013, all tendering documents relating to DG MARKT are published through a unique Commission-wide platform called eTendering.

Prior information notices

No entry for this year.

Calls for Tender

B-Brussels: Framework contract for research and technical assistance in the field of public procurement
B-Brussels: Study on the remuneration of authors and performers for the use of their works and the fixations of their performances
B-Brussels: Catering services at “Social Entrepreneurs: have your say!”;, Strasbourg 16-17 January 2014
B-Brussels: Estimating displacement rates of copyright protected content in the EU
B-Brussels: Study on the impact of Directive 2009/110/EC on the taking up, pursuit and prudential supervision of the business of electronic money institutions
B-Brussels: Study on how to promote access and use of appropriate savings products for all European financial services users, in particular vulnerable people
B-Brussels: Study of the economic efficiency and legal effectiveness of review and remedies procedures for public contracts in the EU
B-Brussels: Ten years after the take-off: taking stock and assessing the effects of using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in the EU
B-Brussels: Study on the role of regulators for online gambling: authorisation, supervision and enforcement
B-Brussels: Legal study on commercial establishment through the 28 Member States: restrictions and freedom of establishment
B-Brussels: Study on the economic impact of the utility model legislation in selected Member States
B-Brussels: The economic review of industrial designs in Europe
B-Brussels: Feasibility study for a dedicated database containing all Union and domestic food labelling rules and providing a simple way to identify concrete mandatory labelling requirements per product
B-Brussels : Study on the design and development of initiatives to support the growth of e-commerce via better functioning parcel delivery systems in Europe
B-Brussels: Framework Contracts for Research and Technical Assistance Services in the Field of Public Procurement
B-Brussels: Implementation of the pilot project – promotion of employee ownership and participation
B-Brussels: Baseline report on solutions for the posting of non-cash collateral to central counterparties by pension scheme arrangements
B-Brussels: Analysis of developments in EU capital flows in the global context

Calls for expressions of interest

Call for expressions of interest by individuals wishing to be included on the list of experts regarding Commission Decision of 20.07.2010 setting up a Financial Services User Group.

Negotiated calls for tender – low value contracts

Expected calls for tenders for low value contracts between 15.000 € and 60.000 €

Contract NamePurposeIndicative time for call for tenderStatus
Conference attendance service

About 35 conference hostesses and stewards on 15, 16 and 17 January 2014 at the event ' Social Entrepreneurs: have your say!, Strasbourg 16- 17 January 2014

The assistants must be fluent in English and French and have a necessary knowledge of the PC and PowerPoint. A co-ordination of the team of hostesses and stewards is also requested.

End of November 2013Interested economic operators should send their details by 20 November 2013 at the latest to the functional mailbox indicated below.
Gathering of data on the retail market
The European Commission intends to launch a negotiated call for tender to get access to a detailed and up-to-date database concerning the retail sector. The aim is to ensure a continuous data delivery during a period of one year with the coverage of all EU Member States, the entire retail sector, with market data and specific topics such as: Economic performance, Market structure, Market functioning, with a special emphasis on the Regulatory framework.October 2013Interested economic operators should send their details by 18 October 2013 at the latest to the mailbox indicated below.
Access to Database(s) on Investment Funds in the EU
The European Commission intends to launch a negotiated call for tender to get a regular and timely access to a database or series of databases that provide detailed, comprehensive and up-to-date information about the investment fund market in the EU, downloadable according to own needs in a format that can be used for own calculations (e.g. excel or equivalent).June 2013Closed
Study on the performance and efficiency of the EU asset management industry
The goal of the study is to gather and analyse available data and research related to the efficiency of the asset management sector from the perspective of the financial user. The study should estimate the scale of financial welfare loss or gain associated with the performance and efficiency of the EU asset management industry. In order to do that the tenderer will be asked to develop a financial model, which would allow to estimate how much investors are gaining or losing due to:
  • Investment performance,
  • Charges,
  • Asset allocation decisions,
  • Switching behaviours.
Early October 2013Interested economic operators should send their details by 30 September 2013 at the latest to the functional mailbox indicated below.

Please Note: This overview is for information only. If you are interested to participate in a DG MARKT’s tender procedure for low value contracts, you may email your details to with a reference to the call for tender you are interested in.

Your details will be stored in a database for the purpose of tendering only. Inclusion of your contact details does not automatically lead to invitations to tender.